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Joining Marshall Orgs 101: Which one is for me?

During my freshman year at USC, I was a bit overzealous in joining things–at the involvement fair, I had put my name down on so many email lists that I received well over 30 emails a day on my student account alone!

But after sorting through them all and discovering my true passions over the past two years, I’ve realized that my mass sign-up method wasn’t a bad way to go. It allowed me to see what each organization was like, where I felt I could make an impact, and of course, where the free food was! (Side note: best way to get freshmen to come to your general meetings is to provide pizza.)

I ended up narrowing down my choices to Marshall Business Student Government, Marshall Outreach & Volunteer Entrepreneurs, Marshall Student Ambassadors, and Delta Sigma Pi, the business fraternity. I’m also involved with PAWS, a volunteer organization at USC outside of Marshall. Regardless of how you find your organizations here on campus, make sure you choose clubs/orgs that you are passionate about! That’s the most important factor, because then you’ll want to make an impact in whatever field the organization is focusing on, whether it’s social entrepreneurship, investment banking simulations, or local animal adoptions.


Posted on September 23, 2013 by Kristie


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