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A is for Avant-Garde, Au Courant, Apple

I got my first (and only, to date) smartphone at the end of September 2012, when I purchased an iPhone 5. Yes, I lived the first 18 years of my life with just a regular flip phone. No data plan, no texting plan, no nothing. This was by choice, though, as I didn’t really have any use for extraneous features and I actually enjoyed using my phone as a PHONE. All of my friends in high school were constantly surprised whenever I called them, as if they thought, “Wait… he actually called us?” Imagine what my college friends thought during the first month of my freshman year! I remember especially the most difficult part of owning a flip phone was adding new contacts. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to press the same key three times just to type the letter C. It took forever, which was problematic considering the number of new people I met during my first weeks as a Trojan. Eventually, I convinced myself that it would be a lot more convenient to own a smartphone.


Yup, only phone I ever owned before my iPhone!

I decided that the iPhone was right for me. This decision was based mainly on my history with Apple products and my friends’ opinions. The first piece of Apple technology that I’ve ever owned was the first generation iPod Classic. Anyone remember the click wheel? Since then, I’ve had a second generation iPod Shuffle and a first generation iPod Touch. I also currently have a second generation MacBook Pro, which still serves as my first laptop ever. Considering all things Apple that I’ve owned, I’ve always been impressed with their sleek forms and user-friendly interface – characteristics that I wanted my future phone to have. Many of my friends who are also iPhone users shared my sentiments as well, as they love the fact that the iPhone is multifunctional and easy to use. They highly recommended the iPhone. I listened. I got one.


Who remembers this “classic”? Yes, pun intended!

Apple is my favorite company because of the way it can attract consumers. You only need to look at the long lines of customers pouring out of your local Apple store anytime a new iPhone or iPod is released out to the public. People want Apple. It’s just that straightforward. And who wouldn’t? All of its products are somehow both sophisticated and simple. That’s what tempted me to buy Apple products, most recently my iPhone. A year later, I can genuinely say that my phone has been one of my best investments. I use it on the daily for so many functions. I maintain a calendar so I don’t have to rely on my forgetful brain to remember all of my activities. I check my email in case one of my professors sends out an urgent message. I listen to music on my way to class. Hard to believe that there was a time when I only needed my phone just to call people. Now, I can’t imagine what I’d do without my iPhone. So thanks, Apple. Thanks for influencing me to believe the hype. And thanks for making me satisfied with my decision. You’ve got a loyal consumer right here.


Posted on October 12, 2013 by Brendan


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