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A Notre Dame Weekend

This past weekend, as I’m sure many of you know, USC played Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana, and I was lucky enough to go there for the game!

It felt so good to support our players even at a game so far away! It was cool to see how the Trojan family really comes alive and sticks together at an such a competitive away game. The Trojan family was definitely present at the game! At one point, we were walking through crowds of tailgates, and all of the sudden we heard a “Fight On!” from across the way. When we looked over, we saw a tailgate full of other Trojans and lots of food. The Trojan hosting the tailgate invited us in and allowed us to help ourselves, telling us that “We Trojans got to stick together.” I just loved that even many many miles away, not to mention the fact that I had never spoken to this USC alum, in that moment we were all hanging out together under the biggest and coolest thing we have in common: we were all Trojans.

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Because I got to South Bend a day before the game, I spent lots of time exploring Notre Dame’s beautiful campus that is rich with history, and would you believe it that I saw so many Trojan fans! Every time I saw a fellow Trojan, we would “Fight On” to each other, pretty cool if you ask me.

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The game was absolutely freezing, it also didn’t help that we were in the last row actually scaling the side of the wall, but because the Notre Dame stadium is on the smaller side, we had a perfect birds eye view.

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I would encourage everyone to go back for a USC vs Notre Dame game, it’s a fun rivalry, it’s a great way to see another school, and it’s a great way to truly see the power of the Trojan family!


Posted on October 22, 2013 by Nicole


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