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Back to SChool: What am I taking?

As winter break comes to a close and ‘SC students begin to flock back to campus over the weekend, it’s time for me to jump back to reality and get serious about my classes and a strong semester academically. And after a semester where I had my favorite undergraduate class and professor to date (and also my least favorite), I’m excited to have a slate of classes that should all be interesting, thought provoking, and enjoyable. Also, as a double major, I have to incorporate my political science classes into my schedule as well, which although could get me slightly behind my peers in Marshall, provides me with a nice balance. But most importantly, it makes my situation and schedule much more unique than the average Marshall student. Anyway, so without any further ado, here’s what I have to look forward to this upcoming semester.

1: BUAD 306: Business Finance—After a year and a half, I am finally taking the Marshall core class that I have been looking forward to taking. I am extremely interested in finance and pursuing a career in the financial sector, and I’m very excited to start my formalized financial education this semester at Marshall. While 306 is a challenging class for  many people, I’m excited for the challenge and believe that I can properly wrap my head around the concepts to understand the material and perform well in the class.

2. BUAD 281: Accounting 2—This is the second half of Marshall’s accounting curriculum and focuses on Managerial Accounting (the internal reporting of financial information). This is a half semester, 2 unit class that will start in the beginning of the semester and end at spring break. I liked my accounting class this semester so I anticipate that I will also like this class as well. Although it’s an 8am class (something many people dread), it will get me motivated to get up and get going for the day; I’ll be finished with my day earlier and have more of the afternoon to hang out, work out, or do work.

3: BUAD 302: Business Communication—A communications class, really? Should be easy, right? No! This class is probably one of the most useful (if not most useful) class that business majors have to take because you cannot be successful if you cannot communicate your ideas effectively both orally and in writing. This class focuses on honing the presentational, resume and cover letter writing, and other written skills necessary for you to become a successful and influential business leader. In order to be influential, you need to be able to get people to understand and stand behind your ideas, which you can’t do if you don’t communicate the effectively. So while this is a challenging class, I’m really excited for it, and for having the opportunity to improve my presentational skills and public speaking ability, which are two things I love to do. I also have a great professor in Stacy Geck, who I had the pleasure of having in my GLP class and is known as one of the top 302 professors.

4. POSC 452: Critical Issues in Law and Public Policy—This is my political science for the semester and this class is one that changes topics each semester. This semester, it focuses on political jurisprudence, which is the idea that policy is formed and advocated for based solely on partisan and political reasons—something that is all too common today in our government. It will be interesting to evaluate the different perspectives for this and determine if it actually occurs in our government, or if it is more of a theory.

5. PHIL 115: Ancient Greek Culture and Society—Every semester I take one of my General Education (GE classes) in order to space them out and take full advantage of my business and political sciences classes. I’m already halfway done and this begins the second half of my quest to complete my GE’s. A friend and I decided to take this class since it both fit into our schedules and because the professor seems interesting. I hope it works out and in interesting; I personally am not a philosophy person. Who knows, it could allow me to be better suited to use these theories in a business setting or stimulate thinking in my other classes.

6. MPGU 120: Guitar performance: Most USC students take 18 units, and that constitutes and average load (about 5 classes). However I decided to be a bit more aggressive this semester and take 20 units by adding on an additional 2 unit, fun class. I’ve been a guitar player for the past 5 years, and I decided that I couldn’t complete my USC education without taking a guitar class, so I went ahead and signed up for it. I’m pretty excited about it, and since it’s a fun class and something that I’ve done for a number of years now, it won’t add any additional stress to my schedule.

There you have it; I’m looking forward to a successful and challenging semester (in a positive way of course!) with these classes. Hopefully I’ll like and be truly interested in all of these classes because it makes going to class much more enjoyable and stimulating.


Posted on January 9, 2013 by Zach


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