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Balancing School and Life in LA

At USC, students have the privilege of attending school in the cultural mecca that is Los Angeles. During the week, for instance, there are always fantastic film, music, food, and other artistic events going on. Unfortunately, there’s class on weekdays too. Learning how to balance my curiosity for new cultural experiences with school is a challenge I enjoy navigating every day.

What I’ve found to be an effective balancing tactic is prioritization. I tend to place school first just because it’s the true reason I’m here and I would be remiss not to take advantage of USC’s fantastic educational resources, build relationships with my professors, and interact with my peers on a classroom setting. However, when I do know there is an event, like a concert festival across the street from campus in Expo Park, I usually both plan and work ahead to ensure I have the free time to attend without sacrificing academic progress.

USC also does a great job of tying in Los Angeles into the curriculum. For example, many GE’s I have taken have either mandated or at least incentivized us to be an active participant in LA’s artistic scene, whether it be through attending new exhibits at the world renown Broad art museum or being invited to see screenings of yet-to-be released films in the School of Cinematic Arts.

In addition, nearly every club on campus has events or activities centered around particular LA cultural hotspots. Whether it be beach days in Santa Monica, taco tasting in downtown, or rock climbing in Culver City, it’s very easy to be engaged with Los Angeles purely by virtue of going to school here. LA is an indispensable part of the USC experience and luckily there is something for everyone here.


Posted on March 3, 2017 by Anav Sharma


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