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Best Resource At Marshall

Besides providing students with a first-rate business education and exceptional extracurricular opportunities, the Marshall School of Business also helps its students find success through a variety of resources, none more significant than Marshall’s alumni. The Marshall School boasts a robust alumni network that provides students with valuable, first-hand advice on career development and business strategy. Marshall’s alumni are eager to help students, and they often present students with valuable networking and employment opportunities. On any given weeknight, it is likely that a Marshall graduate is on campus speaking with students, typically through events sponsored by student organizations. Through my participation in the Global Leadership Program and a variety of organizations during the fall semester, I had the privilege of meeting and hearing from countless alumni in a variety of industries. All of them were excited to share their story and give advice on finding success in the business world, and many of them expressed interest in providing Marshall students with opportunities and/or connections that would contribute to career advancement. One of my biggest pieces of advice for incoming Marshall students would be to do everything possible to interact with Marshall alumni, as making these connections will pay dividends in the future.


Posted on January 30, 2017 by Andy Gabler


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