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Bucket List- USC Marshall Edition

It’s our first week back at school, meaning everyone is as ambitious and excited as ever, so this is the perfect time for me to make a USC Marshall bucket list! We all have bucket lists: college bucket lists, trip bucket lists, life bucket lists, etc. I think the more lists the better because when you write a list you make more of an effort to complete your tasks because there’s no better feeling than crossing, checking, or highlighting a task off of your list. My Marshall bucket list follows, I’ve even already completed or am en route to complete some (those completed have check marks next to them)!

1. Study Abroad

2. Get involved  ✓(Involved as a Marshall Student Ambassador)

3. Build very strong, lasting relationships with professors

4. Participate in research ✓(Participated in BUAD 307, Marketing)

5. Go on LINC Freshman year ✓(Traveled to Buenos Aires)

6. Be excited about classes even if they don’t seem as interesting as others

7. Utilize the Marshall libraries

8. Be a part of as many networking events as possible

9. Take advantage of as many events Marshall puts on as possible, ie- Resume Review Days, etc

10. Participate in a Case Study – Case Studies are essentially a chance for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned in their classes and use it in the best way to solve internal organizational problems for companies. Students form teams and compete against other groups in these studies, they are meant to mimic real life situations individuals will face in their careers.

I’m sure this list will continue to grow, but as of now, these are the areas I want to have a chance to explore before graduating! I’ll keep you posted.

Fight On!




Posted on January 16, 2013 by Nicole


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