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Bucketlist (in the works)

My idea of a bucketlist is something that grows as you do–every time you take something off, add another thing on! Here’s what I’ve got so far, though. Feel free to ask about any of them!

  • Find a minor (Global Communication)
  • Attend at the very least half of each season’s football games
  • Fountain Run senior year
  • Find a mentor in one of my professors
  • Help others get internships
  • Host a student for the MICC
  • Compete in at least 3 case competitions before junior year
  • INTERN, INTERN, INTERN – find out what I don’t like doing
  • Meet people from at least 10 different countries (so far, I’ve got China, Canada, Peru, Spain, Korea)
  • Champion my own project in MBSG (Marshall Business Student Government) – most likely a Fall community service day
  • Take a  class outside the typical course schedule that has nothing to do with my major or minor
  • Consider a Progressive degree from Leventhal
  • Make the most out of my 4 years here

Posted on February 6, 2013 by Kristie


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