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Clubs: Marshall Edition

USC offers over 500 clubs. So one could imagine the excitement during involvement fair. In fact, USC has so many clubs that the involvement fair, this year, was split up into two days!

While, USC has a lot of clubs in general to join, each professional school has a variety of clubs that are special to them. For instance, Marshall has a wide variety of clubs that one could join, ranging from professional fraternities, Marshall student government, consulting clubs etc. There is a club that fits everyones needs and if not, it can be chartered.

Currently, I am involved in two Marshall organizations; Marshall Student Ambassadors (MSA) and Black Business Student Association (BBSA). The latter club has given me the opportunity to come together with a smaller niche of business students and learn from one another. Whether it be attending a networking event, listening to professional speakers, or even sharing opportunities with one another, the chance to grow is always present.

However, I am looking towards joining some other Marshall organizations in the near future. I really would like to go on a Global Brigade through Marshall, having the chance to teach the financing and business basics to people in other countries so that they may strive in terms of business. I think its a really unique opportunity to take what you have learned in the classroom and use it to help others. Also, I am looking into LACI, Los Angeles Community Impact, a consulting group on campus that gives consulting advice to businesses in the LA area.

So what kind of clubs would you be interested in at USC?


Posted on February 5, 2016 by Milan Carter


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