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Definition of Success

When you come to the Marshall School of Business, you’ll soon realize that most students are here to do one thing: gain an education so that they can make tons of money after they graduate. This makes sense because the purpose of business is to learn how to make money and earn a living. Most business students define success as obtaining a job from a reputable company and earning a high salary. In my first two years of college, that was my mindset as well; I wanted to graduate with a high-paying job.


But now as a senior about to graduate, I have a very different definition of success. Similar to Kinsey’s viewpoint on success which can be found at, I view success as being able to help others and being happy and satisfied with my life. And what makes me happy is when I am able to help others in some way. That’s why I decided to concentrate in management because I believe the purpose of being a manager is to help others grow and develop their own skills. Management is about working with your employees and developing a strong, positive relationship in which you can encourage, teach, and help them become better at what they do.




Posted on December 4, 2013 by Kaylee


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