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Discovering a Passion for Travel

I came to USC so excited and ready to explore, but without any real sense of where my true passions are.  Within less than a year, though, the opportunities I found through USC Marshall helped me realize my greatest passion – travel.

It all started Freshman year when I participated in the Global Leadership Program (GLP).  All Freshmen in Marshall have the opportunity to participate in either GLP or LINC (Learning About International Commerce).  Both programs consist of a seminar focused on international business and culminate in a 10-day trip to various locations across the globe, where you have time both to visit local businesses and learn about their ways, and to set loose and explore with your peers.  I cannot recommend the program highly enough – it truly opened my eyes to the wonders of the world that exist.  On my particular trip, we went to Shanghai, China.  Here is a picture of our group there:


And another of some of my friends and I as we explored the streets of Shanghai:


It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, and it made me realize that in this increasingly globalized world, it is extremely important to me to travel and explore all that is out there.  When I got back, I decided to apply to one of Marshall’s many programs that sends students to a summer internship abroad.  Because of Marshall’s amazing resources, I had the opportunity to spend the summer after my Freshman year working and living in Dublin, Ireland.  The experience was incredible to say the least.  In addition to getting to immerse myself in Irish culture, I also had the chance to travel even more on the weekends.  Here are just a few pictures from my adventures:


The Coliseum in Rome, Italy.


Park Guel in Barcelona, Spain.


Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey

There is no doubt that I have learned so much in the classroom here at USC Marshall, but at the end of the day there is no comparison to the lessons that you can learn from real world experiences.  That, to me, is what truly sets Marshall apart – not only has it given me the opportunity to discover my passions, but Marshall has also given me ample opportunity to explore these passions in the most amazing way.


Posted on November 12, 2013 by Carly


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