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F.A.L.L. Semester was…

Fun.  It’s a terribly nondescript word…but it works.  From an incredibly eventful and awesome weekender early in the school year to several trips to Disneyland in December, my whole fall semester was full of fun memories.  A couple other highlights include a weekend trip to the mountains with Cru, the Christian organization that I’m involved in, as well as getting to live in a house with 8 of my best friends here.  Fall 2012 was definitely some good times!Notre Dame v USC

Alarming.  Whoah, that has a negative connotation.  But not really in how I look at my last semester.  As of right now, I’m more than half way through my time here at USC.  That’s nuts!  This past fall was kind of a wake up call to the real world.  Oh yeah, I should probably look into finding an internship maybe.  Oh yeah, I don’t have that much time left here…better take advantage of every opportunity presented to me.  Some would call this stressful.  I call it exciting.

Long.  Again, not necessarily in a bad way, but looking back I was so involved that I can’t believe how much stuff I did in only 4 months!  It was probably the semester thus far that I got the least amount of sleep, but it was at the expense of being a part of awesome student organizations and hanging out with some awesome friends.  Sacrifices, ya know?

Learning.  While I might have been tired, I think last semester was the one where I learned the most out from my classes.  I took a nonprofits class for my new minor and learned all about the nonprofit sector of our society and economy and how it interacts with government/ business sectors of our country.  It was really neat.  I also took operations management and marketing classes…both of which I could see myself pursuing in a future career.  It was nice to gain a basic understanding of these topics so that I can build upon that knowledge and further my journey of deciding where I want to work after graduation.

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Fun, Alarming , Long, Learning.  That was my fall.  How was your fall semester?


Posted on January 22, 2013 by Stephen


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