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Favorite Spot on Campus

It’s so difficult for me to pick my favorite spot on campus because all of it is so unbelievably beautiful. Also my favorite spot depends on my mood and what I plan on doing in that location.


For example, if I want to hang out with friends and not think about school or productivity, I like to head over to the campus center. When I go to the campus center I usually stop by Seeds to pick up my favorite sandwich, BBQ tofu with modifications that the chefs behind the counter have memorized…when I had Trojan plan I went to seeds and ordered that sandwich almost everyday.  Anyways, once I get my sandwich I like to sit back with or without friends and just enjoy the beautiful California weather and students at SC.

Mudd Hall

If I am in the mood to study I like to go to Mudd Hall Philosophy library. This is, in my opinion, the most aesthetically pleasing library at SC. The architecture is beautiful and the stain glass windows really compliment the décor.  Not many people go to this library so it’s often quiet and calm. This is one of my favorite spots to read and do homework.

All of SC is beautiful. Almost every spot is my favorite spot!


Posted on January 17, 2013 by Uzo


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