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Fight On, It’s Game Day!

What’s the best day of the week besides Friday? GAME DAY! (occasionally Thursdays)

Here at USC, there’s football season and there’s waiting for football season. Game day is full of trojan pride. The campus and everyone on it, are decked out in cardinal and gold.

The days up until game day are filled with ample amounts of anticipation. Despite classes and the variety of other things that you may have going on in your life, one cant help but to smile when they hear the marching band practicing in the days before the game. As it can only mean one thing, game day is near and dear.

When game day finally comes it’s an all day affair. You wake up to the sound of people running through the halls screaming, “It’s Game Day!” And you know exactly how great the day is going to be. After you get all of your trojan gear on, you can either head to a friends or to campus for pre kickoff tailgating fun. On campus you will run into lifelong alumni, their grandchildren, their grandchildren’s grand children, and pretty much anyone who has the trojan spirit running through their veins. Everyone is super friendly and will offer you food or even strike up a conversation. Though the trojan family is present all 365 days of year, you really get a chance to see the extent of it, first hand, on game days.

After you’ve hangout with the Trojan Family, it is time to walk over to the coliseum. But, before you exit the school gates on Exposition, you have to make sure to kick the post, as it’s a game day tradition and brings luck to the team. Once you get to the stadium, you feel how hyped everyone is for the game. You sing your heart out to our alma mater, the fight song, and the bands remix of  “All We Do is Win”. When the team comes out of the tunnel, the energy is high, and everyone jumps to their feet to cheer them on.

Game days are such a great part of the school spirit at USC. They remind you of what it means to be a trojan and how to, “Fight On,” each and everyday.

Happy Game Day! Fight on to Victory Trojans! #Beatthe[insert school name here]


Posted on October 8, 2015 by Milan Carter


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