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Finding your passion at USC

A few years ago at a holiday party, I was talking with a neighbor about being a student at USC and mentioned that I was studying Business Administration. Her response was, “Oh…what are you going to do with that?”


I knew that she wasn’t trying to be sarcastic or undermine my studies; she was just genuinely interested in what I would do post-graduation. To be honest, at the time I had absolutely no idea. Even though I had decided on studying Business Administration upon attending USC, I wasn’t entirely sure what aspect of business or what industry I wanted to get into after graduation. I just decided to keep an open mind while going through each Marshall class I took to find what sparked an interest or passion in me.


I found that I really enjoyed the entrepreneurship courses that I’ve taken and just recently started thinking about creating a social enterprise. Next year, I’m hoping to get more involved in Marshall organizations such as MOVE or the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab that focus specifically on social entrepreneurship in order to learn more about how to start a social enterprise. I love the idea of creating a business model to help others in need or address a societal problem, but what sort of social enterprise would I make?


Social Enterprise Flow Chart Graphic


Can you name any examples of social enterprises in your community?

I got to thinking about my Video Game Design and Management minor and seeing how I could address a current issue in the video games industry with a social enterprise solution. One topic that came to mind was the lack of women in the games industry and some of the discrimination they face as game developers. Some folks in the industry argue that such bias usually begins at a young age (either in elementary or middle school) when boys make comments to girls such as “You don’t/can’t play video games because you’re a girl.”


Is there really anything “wrong” about girls playing or creating video games?

Eventually, I came up with the idea of creating either an after-school program or summer camp for girls to learn how to design and produce their own games. I would take this idea and grow it back home in Seattle where it would hopefully address the stereotype of video games being a “boys only” activity. I hope to develop the idea over the course of the next year and have a battle plan ready by the time I graduate this time next year.


Naturally, this business idea requires much more research and thought before implementation, but as I think more and more about the idea, the more and more excited I get about it. I came to the realization that this may be the subject I was most passionate about that I was searching for all along during my time here at USC. I’m very eager to start working on what I hope will be a rewarding experience and extremely thankful for my studies at USC that will help guide me along the way of following my passion.


Posted on April 17, 2014 by Kristin


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