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Flat or Tall Hierarchical Structure?

In my Leading Organizations class, we talked a lot about the difference between companies with many different levels of hierarchy (Organization A), to companies with more flattened “pyramid” (Organization B). It seems to be the way of the future to have a more flattened hierarchical structure because it helps keep communication more effective, collaboration more efficient, and employees more motivated. By flattening the hierarchy, it allows for more individuals to have more responsibility and more accountability in their work because there aren’t as many people above them. Additionally, collaboration becomes much more vital because the departments are all so intertwined.




This current debate over “which organization is better” is so important to me because I have worked in both kinds of organizations. I feel that Organization A is a better choice for individuals that enjoy being assigned a specific task and a specific department. Organization B is better for individuals that see collaboration and communication as two important factors. and enjoy working across different departments. It’s definitely a popular discussion; some companies have changed their way, while others are waiting a little longer.


Posted on October 15, 2013 by Nicole


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