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Football Memories

I’ve been here now for 4 years.  I’ve seen the good and the bad of our football program.  I remember committing to USC as a high school senior, getting super excited for football season and then being hit with the (in my opinion) outrageously unfair NCAA sanctions that prevented us from going to the playoffs for 2 years and have limited the amount of scholarships that we give out.  Regardless of that, though, we have fought on.  We have pushed through tough times and have still had winning record seasons every year since I’ve been here.  I’ve seen us beat UCLA 50-0, I’ve seen us beat a top-ranked Oregon team, I’ve seen us play our hearts out in a triple overtime game against Stanford.  These have all been amazing, but none can compare to my very first football game.  Here’s a pic:


It wasn’t a particularly close game.  We won.  I can’t tell you what the score was.  But it was all about solidifying my place in the Trojan Family.  I was a part of everything that was going on, from the tailgating all day to the chants and the cheering, to the incredible spirit of the student section…it was all amazing!

fightonIt’s an experience I will never forget, even as I move onto more expensive alumni season tickets…



Posted on October 5, 2013 by Stephen


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