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Free Time on Campus?

I really appreciate having the flexibility to decide my own schedule as a college student. The faculty and administration at Marshall do their best to offer core classes throughout the day, from 8am to 8pm, so classes can accommodate even the busiest of students. This semester, I scheduled all of my classes in the morning, so while I start my days at 8am, I am always done with my classes by noon. Although waking up so early for classes can be extremely difficult some days, I’ve really appreciated finishing by noon because it allows me to intern downtown in the afternoons, as well as finish up a lot of my work before going to my club meetings in the evening.

But when I do get a chance to spend free time on campus, I almost always grab some food or coffee with a friend at one of the cafés on campus. My favorite place to get coffee (especially when Ground Zero/Trojan Grounds is busy) is Popovich Café inside Popovich Hall. They have these delicious English muffin breakfast sandwiches that go great with the Peet’s Coffee they also serve. Seeds is also another favorite of mine. They have really good sandwiches and salads that I usually get if I am meeting a friend for lunch at the outdoor seating area in Campus Center.

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Ground Zero Café on Campus

Whether I am studying or hanging out with friends, campus is always my favorite place to spend time in between my classes and meetings!


Posted on February 6, 2013 by Mai


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