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From Assembly Worker to COO

One of the first things people notice in the ELC is the one-way mirror in each of the rooms:


The last time I was in the Experiential Learning Center (or ELC for short), I was playing the role of an assembly worker who couldn’t speak with certain executives, managers, and other teams. One of my teammates on my assembly team got promoted to COO of this fictional company when the original COO got fired and took his spot as an assemblyman. If you’re reading this and thinking this might go from fun to frustrating pretty fast, you’d be right.


We started off building model satellites from K’nex pieces (remember those? I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing with K’nex and Legos.), then had different obstacles thrown at us, most of them communication-related. I won’t give away too much, since you might be in the ELC for the same class in a few years, but I will say that the classes I’ve had in the ELC have been some of the most fulfilling, trying, and enlightening experiences.


Posted on November 20, 2013 by Anokhy


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