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High School Senior Year Summer, What to Do?

Dear High School Seniors,

I know you are all deep in the college decision making process, and I’m sure this seems like the biggest decision of your life, and for most of you, I am sure it is the biggest decision thus far in your life. Once this big decision is over, I’m sure many of you will be looking towards the summer wondering what to do. My answer to you is do whatever you want to do. This upcoming summer is one of your last summers where you can truly do whatever you want- be it travel, work, take classes, intern, hang out with your friends, or just lounge, you name it. I personally worked at Nordstrom as a salesperson to keep active over the summer because I just wasn’t used to not doing anything. However, like I said before, honestly do whatever you want to do. Summers are meant to be fun, especially a summer as big as the one between high school and college. Take this time to do whatever will make you happiest and lead to the most enjoyable summer ever!


Posted on April 21, 2014 by Nicole


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