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High School to College 101

The transition from high school to college is definitely a big one. In college, there are no longer set 8am-3pm days or nagging parents telling you what to do or predetermined classes that you must take each semester. Instead, you are granted the opportunity to explore and the independence to make your own decisions for yourself. While this may seem daunting, there is a wealth of resources that you can take advantage of here are USC to help you with the process of acclimating to the college environment. Here are a few that I have come to greatly appreciate while here:

1. Your Academic Advisors: These people are here to help you on a one-on-one basis and guide you along college career. One unique thing about USC is that you get an advisor for each program that you are a part of. This means that if you are a business major and a cinematic arts minor, you will have a business advisor for your business classes and a cinematic arts advisor for your cinematic arts classes. You advisors will help you with graduation requirements, course recommendations, class scheduling, career searching, and a variety of other things. So be sure to take advantage of your advisors while you are here at USC.

My accounting academic advisor, Arthur Alba.


2. The Writing Center: The writing center is a great resource for essays and assignments. The tutors at the center are all great writers and provide great advise on papers and assignments. They also help me proofread my work and provide comments on how to improve and sharpen my writing skills. This is a great free resource that has really helped me with my classes, especially my freshmen writing seminar class, Writing 140 (now Writing 150).


3. Office of Wellness and Health Promotion (OWHP): OWHP is located in the Engemann Health Center on campus and provides students with free health-related periodicals, health supplies, and a place just to relax or study. It is a nice cozy office and they also always have fresh fruit, massage chairs, and tea available for students. They also provide wellness kits for those that are sick, which have come in handy for when I am not feeling well. Finally, one of my favorite parts about OWHP is their free mindfulness and yoga classes that they offer every day.


4. Marshall Peer Tutoring: The Marshall Peer Tutoring program is a great program available for students in the Marshall core classes where students from previous years teach others. It is nice to be able to get advise from someone who has already taken the class and done well. I am grateful for these free tutors who can help me when when I have questions or need help. Another similar resource that is available to us is the teaching assistant (TA) that is also usually a student who have gone through the class already. I am actually a TA for the introductory accounting class at Marshall, BUAD 285a. As a TA, I hold office hours weekly to answer questions and tutor students.



Posted on February 18, 2015 by Russell


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