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How I chose USC and my business major

Going through the application process, the real difficulty came when I had to decide which school I actually wanted to attend!

The most complicated decision came when I was presented with my two top schools to choose from: USC (Marshall Business School) and The University of Texas – Austin (McCombs Business School). Both are top universities, but I needed to figure out what I valued the most in a school, and stick to the one that was aligned with my goals and dreams.

First, I made sure to visit both campuses, which I did, and I ended up liking USC much better for several reasons. USC offered the “location, location, location” of Los Angeles, which I knew I wanted to live in in the future, which led me to the next big factor. USC’s Trojan Family is a real, close connection between graduates of the school. Trojans help Trojans. And most of them, although they are spread across the globe, tend to be in Southern California.

Choosing to become a business major was another decision I had to make. It was actually pretty simple for me to come to a conclusion because throughout high school, I always enjoyed fundraising and socializing, so I figured my skills could be put toward obtaining a business degree. Also, learning about business practices seemed to be a great way to generally educate myself on how organizations function. This type of general education gives me much breadth in terms of what I might actually pursue in the future, whether it be finance, marketing, etc.

As far as being concerned about taking classes I would be interested in (outside of the scope of my business major), I knew that I would be able to pursue a minor (USC offers about 150 minors to choose from). I eventually chose Law & Public Policy as a minor because of my interest in politics and the legal system.

Ultimately, USC offered many options for me to succeed, and the most important aspect that it had for me was that it was in Los Angeles, and that I had a wide variety of secondary degrees to choose so that I can exercise my creativity and passion in that field.



Posted on October 13, 2013 by Cameron Nili


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