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How I knew USC was right for me

Before the May 1st decision date of my senior year of high school, my college choices were whittled down to two: USC, and the University of Washington back home in Seattle, WA. Naturally, there was a lot of bias amongst my extended family members who were in favor of me enrolling at the UW (a number of them are alumni, including my own father), but I knew I could not make my final school decision based on only one perspective. I realized that I wanted to use my four years as an undergrad to grow up independently away from home, so I kept that in mind as I considered my two options.


I decided to make the trip down to Southern California to check out USC’s campus for myself. My older sister was a sophomore student at USC at the time, so I had only heard stories about the university but not actually seen anything firsthand. She toured me around campus and found friends with whom I could talk to about the school or sit with in their classes. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a taste of USC’s academics and student life, but more importantly, I realized that attending school in the sprawling city of Los Angeles offered the opportunity to explore and grow as an individual. There were many places to discover and people to meet that would differ greatly from what I’ve grown up knowing in Seattle. I knew that I would miss home during the school year, but it would only make me more eager to return and even more grateful for the opportunity to study at USC.


To this day, I still firmly believe that I made the right decision to come to USC. This school has offered me so much more than just strong academics or a spirited student body; it truly gave me the opportunity to grow away from home. I am not the same person I was when I first left for fall semester two years ago, but someone who has grown and matured into the person I want to become. Selecting USC ended up being the right decision for me, and hopefully it will be the right decision for you, too!


Posted on October 10, 2013 by Kristin


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