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How To Get Involved On and Off Campus

It’s always intimidating to be on a new campus, not knowing where you belong yet or what groups to be a part of. But there are so many organizations and different ways to get involved, whether it’s for an on-campus organization, professional events, networking opportunities, or just for fun. Now in my third year, I think I’ve had a fair share of experiences in trying new organizations and activities out! Below are just a few tips that might come in handy in learning getting involved, and I hope they’ll help out!

1) Attend the Involvement Fair at the beginning of every semester – There are over 700 student organizations on campus that show up at the Involvement Fair, so it should be pretty easy to find various types of organizations that you might want to try out. It is always a good idea to talk to the students that represent organizations you may like, and even attend informational sessions that different clubs hold. Being at the involvement fair is really a great way to kick the semester off, and is also a great way of finding out what you’re interested in. My advice is to actually grab flyers from all the different organizations that interest you (even if just a little bit), and narrow down your options after you’ve attended their informational sessions.

2) Attend the Career fairs! Similar to the Involvement fairs, career fairs are great avenues to get involved off-campus! These are great events that allow you to find potential internships and job opportunities. Whether it is hosted by Marshall or the Career Center, career fairs allow students to network with professionals, secure internships/jobs, or even just to work on professional development for practice.

3) Read the Marshall Involvement Newsletter – Every week, Marshall sends out a newsletter to all Marshall students regarding professional events taking place during that week. These events can range from recruitment opportunities, workshops for certain developments, panels, special speaker events, or just networking opportunities. Because they come out every week, it is so easy to just skip these newsletters in your email or even delete them without opening them up. But sometimes they include really unique opportunities that you definitely do not want to miss!

4) Attend events hosted by other schools within USC – one great thing about many USC events is that even if they are hosted by specific schools within the university, they are opened all all students regardless of their major/minor. As a business student, it is important to attend some of events hosted by other schools, because you might be interested in doing business in specific industries that these events will give you insight into! Plus, there are never too many networking opportunities for a business student to take advantage of! It is so crucial to build connections across all different industries, so you can advance your professional knowledge and network.

5) Talk to everyone around you! There are always friends around you who are involved in orgnizations/groups that you were not aware of. Sometimes it is informational and exiciting just to hear about their involvements and experiences in various organizations. But it even becomes more interesting when a simple conversation leads you to a group of amazing people or important opportunities that you had never thought of! Take advantage of the energy and network of those around you. They may open doors that you didn’t even know about!



Posted on October 15, 2013 by Julia


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