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How USC Became My Second Home

I forget when I first started having aspirations of attending college, but I do remember that USC was always my top choice from the beginning. My love for the cardinal and gold was instilled in me early on due mainly to family history. My parents graduated from USC in 1983, while my older brother became an alumnus in 2012. I was the only one left, and I wanted so much to be a part of the same tradition. I remember watching USC football games on TV with my family – I still have vivid memories of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush carrying our team to multiple victories. I remember when I was still in high school, I visited my brother countless times. I stayed over in his apartment at Webb Tower. I attended Springfest 2012 (an AWESOME annual concert that the USC Program Board Concerts Committee puts on). I walked around Trousdale, familiarizing myself with the iconic structures on campus – ranging from Tommy Trojan to Doheny Library. I already felt comfortable here, and I wasn’t even an undergraduate student yet.

USC Springfest 2013 Lineup

Springfest 2013 Lineup. USC always delivers!

But it’s a different feeling when you’re actually a student, a Trojan. And that’s what I wanted to be – someone who could call USC his school, his home. I can genuinely say that when I was a high school senior, no college acceptance package made me as happy as the one I received from USC. I remember opening the mailbox and upon seeing that large brown envelope addressed to me, I was just utterly speechless. I almost cried. As I read my acceptance letter, I could see the next four years of my life.

I chose to become a Trojan for its traditions and its close-knit community. These reasons became even more clear to me when I began my freshman year in August 2012. As a new student, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by such events like football games at the Coliseum and concerts at McCarthy Quad. This just showed me how much USC was willing to invest itself to make its students feel at home here. But I also felt like I was a part of the Trojan family because of the people that I met. I got my first taste of that when I attended Explore USC as a prospective student. Shout out to my fellow Marshall Student Ambassador Tiffany, who was actually my Explore Host. She, along with her friends, showed me and a group of high school seniors around campus and answered our questions about student life, academics, and organizations. They definitely gave me a sense that I was welcomed here – a feeling that continued as I made more friends when I became a freshman. During the first few weeks of my freshman year, I met so many people who I now consider some of my closest companions. This phenomenon wasn’t a one-time deal, thankfully, as I still continue to make new friends. That’s what I value so much to this day – the fact that friendships within the Trojan family can be made so easily.

California USC Football

USC Football – one of the biggest traditions here.

I specifically chose to be a part of the Leventhal School of Accounting for its stellar reputation. Leventhal has always been consistently ranked as a top-5 accounting program in the nation (it’s currently number 4!). As I was researching schools, I loved that Leventhal, with its close and small-knit community, focused so much attention on its students. Not many universities give freshmen a chance to take core business courses during their first year. Even fewer business programs let freshmen go abroad. As an added bonus, as a Leventhal student, I would also be a part of the Marshall School of Business, thereby gaining general business opportunities as well.

Leventhal School of Accounting

Leventhal – one of the best schools for accounting students!

USC was my top choice from the beginning, and I’m glad to say that attending this amazing university has been one of the best decisions of my life.


Posted on October 5, 2013 by Brendan


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