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When I’m In Between Classes…

I work.  Although, with the reputation as the “University of Spoiled Children,” you might be surprised by the number of students who, like me, hold jobs in between classes.

Either in on campus jobs or internships in the downtown area, I might say that a good number of the student body has some kind of job, either to make an extra buck or two or to work on their professional development.  Because I don’t have a car, that generally limits the type of job I can have–but I have a part-time job on campus that I go to in between classes.

New/North, the dorm that I work in.

New/North, the dorm that I work in.

I work for USC Housing, at the customer service center (CSC) in New/North.  Although my job isn’t super glamorous like some of the high-profile ones that other USC student ones might have, I really like working for CSC and USC Housing because my hours are extremely flexible (I work 12 hours a week and I get to choose my hours, and can pick up extra shifts if I want to make more money), the pay is decent, and the work environment is great.  I’ve made new friends among my co-workers, and the job is fairly relaxing since I can do my homework in between tasks.

csc mail room csc

Depending on which station I work at, my tasks vary.  The CSC front desk in general involves interacting with student residents, either by helping them with room lockouts, mail, or questions.

Just like most other students working on campus, I’m proud to earn a little extra money while representing my school, even if through something as simple as providing customer service for residents of USC Housing.


Posted on October 13, 2013 by Wendy


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