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Involvement in the Marshall Community

As a freshman entering your first year at college, so many things feel unfamiliar. Sharing a bathroom with 40+ people. Being surrounded by an incredible amount of diversity. Becoming familiar with navigating the dining halls. One of the places I was immediately able to find a sense of comfort to anchor my USC experience was within the Marshall community.

I entered with a Business Administration and Accounting double major, so my focus was already on connecting with like-minded students. I made sure to stop by as many booths as I could at the Involvement Fair during the second week at school, and I must have gone to at least twenty different information sessions during the following two weeks. Although I was exhausted at the end of each day, being able to meet as many older and more experienced students who were passionate about their different concentrations within Marshall was an invaluable experience, and something I recommend for any and all new students. Eventually, I was able to narrow my focus based on my interests (entrepreneurship and social change) and the various communities I was able to interact with.

As a senior reflecting on my experiences of the last three or so years of my time at USC, I’ve been involved in Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting fraternity, Marshall Outreach Volunteers and Entrepreneurs, a volunteer-based organization, Junior Achievement, a financial literacy program, and of course, Marshall Student Ambassadors, where I’ve been able to share my USC experience with countless others. This is all from building a network within my friends and Marshall peers, whose interests and involvements are almost always interconnected, so I can confidently attribute my varied involvement within Marshall to constantly reaching out as much as I can.


Posted on November 21, 2016 by Ashley


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