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I’ve been influenced

The person who has had the biggest influence on me at Marshall is my “BUAD302: Communication Strategy for Business” professor, Stacy Geck. Professor Geck’s course had a major impact on the way I pursue my career and she has proven to be a valuable resource for advice and feedback years after taking her class.

Stacy was such a great professor because she took a very active interest in the career pursuits of all of her students. If you had questions or confusion about what you want to do with your life or just needed a little bit of advice on how to handle job recruiting, Stacy always has her doors open and is eager to help motivated students. She is an incredibly approachable professor and it makes sense why so many of her former students still keep in touch with her.

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Stacy’s class felt so rewarding because she expected so much out of her students and all of us were able to leave the class knowing that we took something out of it. Our class was engaged during every meeting and we were often called up to speak in order to break out of our comfort zone. Very soon, we all lost our anxiety and our class felt like a huge family. Stacy expected us to live up to the same standards that we would be judged on if we were in the real world and these expectations made us all try even harder to excel.

In the years since I took her course, she’s been a valuable resource for career advice. She always welcomes former students to visit her office hours and discuss where we’re at in life. She has always shown that she cares about her students and will always give her honest opinion on what we need to do to reach our goals.


Posted on April 4, 2014 by Lucas


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