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Let’s Talk Electronics

The three electronics that are key to survival in college are:

1. Laptop (Mac or PC? Either one is fine.)


This one is pretty obvious. A laptop will be absolutely necessary for survival in your classes. You will constantly be writing essays, doing research, checking your email, and checking Blackboard on your laptop. Not many professors allow laptops in their classes, but laptops are still a must when it comes to doing homework or studying for exams.

2. Cellular phone (Smartphone or no smartphone, a phone is necessary)


With the world becoming increasingly technological, college students do most of their socializing through their cell phones. On a daily basis, students send each other hundreds of texts and iMessages. People with smartphones are constantly checking Facebook or Instagram. For the most part, owning a phone is pretty much expected out of a college student.

3. Headphones


While this may seem trivial, headphones are great to have in college. You will be spending so much time in the library, that you are going to wish you had a pair of headphones on you when wanting to listen to some music or watch a video. Also, many students in dorms use their headphones when staying up late doing homework while their roommates are sleeping. Basically, in college, you are almost always around other people and it is nice to have the convenience of owning a pair of headphones.


Posted on February 13, 2013 by Michelle


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