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Let’s Talk Projects

My most challenging project in all of my Marshall classes so far has to be the final marketing project. I knew I wouldn’t be able to present our group project on the selected presentation day, so I let my professor know beforehand and asked what alternatives I could do. She said as long as I worked on the written part of the project and she could tell that my work was distinctly mine, I was fine. This sounds simple enough, but when a student who transferred into our class late was put in our group, it threw off the balance we had established.
The group dynamic didn’t recover, so I decided to help the group get a better score by focusing on getting as many points as I could for my part. I set my work apart by recording myself presenting my part from “an airport”, and adding that to our Prezi. The hallway I recorded myself “Skyping in” from resembled an airport terminal, and I added generic announcements and flight sounds in the background. I had no control over how the group would present since I wasn’t there for the actual presentation, but I did manage to keep the group afloat and even got a bonus point for creativity.


Posted on April 23, 2014 by Anokhy


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