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Long Weekends and Spring Break

MLK weekend was really hectic for me, I had a ton of activities on each day and I had so much fun it was kind of hard to remember what I did. Spring semester is always a little bit different from Fall because of these (occasional) slightly longer weekends and Spring Break, which cuts the semester into half.

On Saturday, I attended the executive board retreat for Alpha Phi Omega, my community service fraternity. We went to Skyhigh, a playground of sorts, where there were trampolines all over and you basically hopped anywhere you want. It was a lot of strenuous physical activity and we had a lot of fun, as well as doing bonding activities to get to know each other better. It was a fun packed day and I got to spend it with some awesome people.

Bouncin' up

Bouncin’ up

The day after, I went with some of my friends to the Asian American expo. It’s held once a year in Pomona, where a bunch of Asian (mostly Chinese) vendors come out to promote their products, as well as a bunch of Chinese restaurants setting up and selling their food. It was a really enjoyable day for me because it really reminded me of home and helped get rid of the homesickness that I got after coming back from Hong Kong during Winter Break. It was basically being back in Asia, surrounded by the Chinese culture and seeing all these Chinese products around me.

Feeling like home...

Feeling like home…

Finally, on the Monday of the holiday, I attended an actives retreat with Alpha Phi Omega. We went on an Amazing Race around Los Angeles, exploring local attractions as well as talking to local Los Angelos. It was a very fun-packed day and pretty competitive as we raced to compete against each other.

My teammates!

My teammates!

As for Spring Break, I really have no plans yet, but I’m considering staying and exploring local Los Angeles, or going to Disneyland. I was also possibly thinking about going to New York (for the first time), or maybe even another trip up to San Francisco. A few of my friends are going to Global Brigades to Honduras, or even some to Alternative Spring Break in Panama. Whatever option that I choose, I know that it won’t be boring, and USC definitely offers a ton of variety when it comes to choosing how to spend your break.


Posted on January 30, 2013 by Bradley


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