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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As I’m watching all the high school seniors excitedly step foot on campus, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. It’s already been two years since I went on my own Explore USC program, and so many wonderful things have happened since then. To be perfectly honest, my time at Explore was what solidified my decision to attend USC at the end of the day. Prior to visiting, I already knew a lot about what Marshall and USC had to offer, but it wasn’t until physically walking across McCarthy quad, peeking into actual classrooms, and interacting with current students that I realized I had found my home for the next four years.


It’s funny looking back because my host for Explore USC was Kristin Louie, a fellow Seattleite, who is now also a fellow Marshall Student Ambassador. The very first USC student I met, Kristin wasted no time welcoming me to the Trojan Family. In fact, I still remember that she was the one who taught me “Fight On!” – a phrase that had caught me off guard at the time, but now gives me and everyone else here so much pride every time we say it.


Looking back, I think it’s really awesome that our Explore program pairs admitted students with current students that have similar backgrounds and interests, so high school seniors can feel more comfortable asking questions about college life. I know that had it not been for Kristin, I probably would have kept most of my burning questions to myself. It also helped that she was so open and willing to share her personal experiences, from what it was like going out of state for college, to how she eventually found her own niche at USC.


Now that I am an Explore host myself, I want to pay it forward and welcome the next generation of Trojans with open arms and lots of “Fight Ons!” Like Kristin did with me, I hope I can show the Class of 2018 why USC is indeed the best university in the world.


Posted on April 5, 2014 by Alina


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