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Looking Back on Freshman Year

I cannot believe that I am now a sophomore at USC, my freshman year went by so quickly. I am from Tucson, Arizona so the adjustment to LA was rough at times but I now feel like a full-fledged Angeleno! My first year in Marshall was a little overwhelming in the beginning because the school has so much to offer and I wanted to take advantage of all of it. There are so many incredible opportunities and I felt like I needed to do everything at once. I soon learned that this was impossible, and I needed to take it a little slower. I went to the Marshall Connections Program’s Meals with Faculty events which was great because I got to ask faculty questions in a more laid back setting with a small number of students. I also joined the Accounting Society which granted me exposure to the top accounting firms who were the speakers at our meetings. At the end of my freshman year, I participated in the LINC (Learning about International Commerce) trip to Tokyo which was by far the most incredible experience of my life. I got to meet the CEO of Coca-Cola Japan as well as visiting companies like Toyota, Shiseido, Sony, Costco, and more. I also became very close to my LINC class and still keep in touch. I strongly recommend that all freshmen partake in one of the LINC trips, they are unbelievable. I also became very familiar with the Marshall Peer Tutoring program sessions. I would recommend attending even if you feel like you don’t need help with the subject material. Marshall Tutoring can be one of the most helpful resources as an incoming freshman.

My advice to an incoming freshman is to first focus on your classes and make sure you are aware of all the resources that will help you to do well in them. I knew many people who were unaware of all the resources available to them in Marshall and were struggling in their classes. Marshall counselors have walk-in hours during the day where you can go speak to a counselor. There is also career counseling through the Career Center in the student union. After that, search for organizations that interest you. One way to do this is to attend the Involvement Fair which is held within the first few weeks of school in the fall.


Posted on October 29, 2016 by Naomi Toux-Kidane


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