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As a sophomore in my second semester I’ve made sure to take some challenging Marshall electives that apply to my business focus and post graduation career goals. Following my completion of the core marketing requirement (BUAD 307) built into the Marshall curriculum last semester, I decided enrolled in an upper level marketing analysis and strategy class (MKT 440) that teaches marketing decision making through case studies and interactive simulations in the experiential learning center (ELC). Currently, I’m also taking a business spreadsheets class that allows students to learn excel for real world application in areas such as Finance, Marketing, and Operations. Through these classes I will acquire essential skills that will prove to be useful in any kind of internship I apply for or career I decide to pursue.



As I continue to complete the core business curriculum I enrolled Business Communication (BUAD 302) this semester. This is perhaps one of my most useful classes as it guides students in mapping out their careers. Presentation and interview skills, resumes and cover letters are honed in this class, which aligns itself perfectly with my internship application process at the moment. Just today, my professor agreed to critique my resume before the Marshall Recruiter Reception on Wednesday evening.

Recruiter Reception

To balance out a schedule packed with business classes I decided to take a 1-unit yoga class. Maintaining a peace of mind and living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me in addition to my studies.



Posted on February 6, 2013 by Eric


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