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It’s well known amongst the students here at Marshall that our school absolutely loves to give us projects. In every business/accounting class I’ve had so far, I’ve had a project to do–most were group work, so that we could learn about the dynamics of a team and have our experiences carry over into the corporate world.

The hardest project I’ve done thus far was in my Financial Accounting class. We had to choose one company (publicly traded) and review its financials for the past fiscal year. Doesn’t sound too daunting until you find out that your company’s financials are over 350 pages long… that was a toughie.

But what this project taught me was how to look at financials to make smarter investing decisions. We learned how to apply what we had learned in class–consolidated financial statements, research and development expenses, pricing, etc.–in a real world setting. Then we presented what we learned to the class, and so we were able to learn about other companies as well as our own.

A snapshot of the Powerpoint presentation I made for our group’s project:


Posted on January 16, 2013 by Kristie


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