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My Favorite CEO!

Innovative. Insane. Incredible. These are just a few words I would use to describe Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors, and a co-founder of Paypal.


It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to hear him speak at the USC Marshall Commencement back in 2014, but Elon Musk is just an incredible individual who is never afraid to think outside the box. He is constantly advancing human achievement beyond our wildest dreams, whether it’s with electric cars, space exploration (to Mars), solar energy, or a new mode of mass transit with the Hyperloop. Everything he does sounds insane, but has also been surprisingly successful because of his work ethic. The effort, dedication, and hard work he puts into his companies are admirable, and he is definitely a role model that I look up to!


Furthermore, this entrepreneurial figure is not only a successful business leader, but is transforming the world for the better, and that’s what I love about him. He is intelligent but humble; he knows how to make money but he is philanthropic as well; and he knows how to be successful in everything he does. I have so much respect for Musk, and I want to follow his path in changing the world each and every day for the better.


As a quick note, here’s a few tips he mentioned during his speech at the commencement at USC!

#1. Work super hard.

#2. Attract great people.

#3. Focus solely on the product or service.

#4. Don’t follow trends.

#5. Take risks.




Posted on October 20, 2015 by Gabriel Lam


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