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My favorite GE and why

Being a student at the University of Southern California gives you much breadth in what you can pursue. This is primarily because of USC’s ability to expose you to a variety of subjects in your first two years so that you may discover something you never knew you were interested in. Of course, I’m talking about General Education (GE) courses.

From the get go, I knew I was not a science-oriented person, and I was definitely aware that a writing course would not allow me to fully utilize all of the skills I have. The one GE course that truly influenced me was Introduction to International Relations (IR-101x). The course was offered by the USC Dornsife College of Letters Arts, and Sciences.


I became intrigued by the concept of international entities interacting on the global stage, while understanding schools of thought such as realism and liberalism, and their various applications to global struggles. Surely, the knowledge acquired in this course allowed me to appreciate the multiple factors of thought that go into a geopolitical decision.

Around the time that I took this course (last spring), it was during the North Korea dispute with the United States and South Korea, and luckily, my professor was a world renowned scholar on the subject of North Korean issues. This combination of a scholar so knowledgable on the subject and the course’s emphasis on understanding conceptual ideas applied at the global scale led to a truly invaluable experience. His lectures were so interesting that I felt more than compelled to attend because I thought that I would be missing out on crucial updates from the crisis between North and South Korea!

Of course, my situation is one out of a million! At USC, there are tons of opportunities to find what you are interested in, and who knows, maybe your professor will be the reason why!


Posted on October 6, 2013 by Cameron Nili


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