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My Favorite Marshall Professor

My favorite Marshall professor is Maria Ogneva. While all of my Marshall professors have been wonderful and helpful, Professor Ogneva is the professor who introduced me to the world of accounting.

I took her class, Accounting I: Financial Accounting, during fall semester of my sophomore year. Before taking this class, I had no previous experience with accounting. I didn’t know my debits from my credits or even the meaning and significance of Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders’ Equity.


Professor Ogneva began our first lesson by explaining basic concepts of accounting and telling the class why accounting was fundamental for every type of business. For the rest of the lecture, I listened to her talk about her personal experience in public accounting and as a result, was immediately interested in the accounting world and profession.

Throughout the semester, I learned about all of the basic principles of accounting and how to apply them, and found that I was very interested in the subject. Professor Ogneva was extremely approachable and always available to talk before and after classes or during office hours. She gave great advice and always made sure that I fully understood the material.

Today, I am an Accounting major and am actively pursuing a career in Audit/Assurance. If it wasn’t for Professor Ogneva’s obvious passion for her subject and ability to communicate her passion and knowledge to her students, I would still be unsure of what career path I wanted to take after graduation. For this reason, I’m so thankful that I had Professor Ogneva as my professor for Accounting I.


Posted on September 23, 2013 by Michelle


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