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My Favorite Marshall Program!

Marshall, has so many programs for their students. From career development, to internships, to just getting out of the country for a summer to explore and learn new things, there is something for everyone. However, one of my favorite Marshall programs is the Career Advantage Program (CAP), which allows students the opportunity to be paired with amazing USC alumni that are working in the fields that the students hopes to go into one day. This program works as a mentor program and allows the student some really great opportunities for career and personal growth!

I participated in the program my sophomore year of school. In order to apply you go to the application and look through lists of different individuals, across different careers fields, and see which person most aligns with your interests and what you would like to take away from the relationship. Each mentor puts down a list of things they want their mentee to take away from the experience (i.e. networking, resume building, etc.) so that you can create a relationship that best fits your needs. During my sophomore year, I was very interested in marketing so I signed up to possibly get paired with individuals that were working in a variety of industries in the marketing field. Once I was chosen for the program I found that I would be working with the head of marketing and social media for Toyota International.

The opportunity was like no other! I got the chance to learn about her career journey, go to networking events, and even sit in on some Toyota product meetings, during my time in the program. CAP really helped me to hone in on my networking skills and gain insight about my future path, BUT it also allowed me the opportunity to see how the Trojan Family gives back even after they have graduated. I was so honored that this successful individual, took the time out of their day to help me with my career goals and to make sure that I succeeded. Fight On!



Posted on January 24, 2017 by Milan Carter


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