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My Favorite Spot on Campus

The USC campus is absolutely amazing and every day I discover a new spot to sit in during a little break or for long periods of time. It’s basically impossible for me to pick only one favorite spot on campus, so I’ve narrowed it down to three!

1. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

When I’m in the coliseum it means it’s my favorite time of the year: football season, and USC football is unlike no other. There is amazing sense of spirit and I just love that cardinal and gold engulfs the entire 92,000 person crowd. Win or lose, I always leave the coliseum thinking about how amazing it felt to watch my fellow peers play on the field in front of me! I can’t wait until the season starts up again in the fall!



2. Tommy’s Place

Tommy’s Place is located underground the Ronald Tutor Campus center, it’s perfect for concerts, karaoke, comedy shows, a game of pool, and beyond! One of my very good friends is a Popular Music Performance major here and always holds his shows on the Tommy’s Place stage. The acoustics are amazing and the overall feel is just perfect for any type of event of performance. Also, for those of you over 21, there’s a bar nicknamed “Traddies” next to it! It’s one of the most fun spots on campus!



3. Ronald Tutor Campus Center

Whenever you’re hungry or just want to run into people you know, go to the campus center! You are bound to see basically everyone you know especially if you go at the busiest times of the day. The food is so delicious, from Panda Express, to California Pizza Kitchen, to Coffee Bean, you’re destined to satisfy any food craving. Not to mention, the week of finals, the campus center is open 24 hours for our convenience (late night fro yo anyone?!). The campus center is a great place to hang out with friends; I wind up spending hours there without even realizing it!


There we have it, three of my favorite spots! Definitely check them out next time you’re on campus!

Fight On!


Posted on January 31, 2013 by Nicole


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