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My Guide to Living in Los Angeles

Even though I grew up in Los Angeles I still learn about new and exciting spots almost every time I explore!

Some of my favorite things to do in LA are:

1. Go to LA Live

LA Live has phenomenal restaurants! Although the lines are long and sometimes the food is pricey, it’s definitely somewhere to go if you’re looking for a fun night out.


2. See a concert/basketball game/hockey game at the Staples Center.

The Staples Center is where LA’s iconic Lakers, Clippers, and LA Kings take the stage! Not to mention, any concert you ever want to see, I guarantee it will make a stop at the Staples Center!



3. The Grove/LACMA

The Grove and LACMA are two of the most well-known spots in LA! Even if art isn’t your thing, LACMA will still capture your interest. I love the unconventional art pieces that usually sit outside the entrance of LACMA. I also can’t get enough of the light poles that line the perimeter-they make for beautiful pictures!

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The Grove is just spectacular, I’m not sure what’s better than delicious food and great shopping. The famous farmer’s market is a must see if you want a change from fast food and chain restaurants, you can’t go wrong!

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Fight On!



Posted on February 7, 2013 by Nicole


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