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My Home at USC

The cliches are true: go where you see yourself.

As I walk every day from Webb Tower to Marshall/Leventhal and back, I am constantly reminded about how great USC is and how fortunate I am to be a student here. I usually pass through the Cinema School and admire its majestic buildings that make me feel like I’m not in LA. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll see students who are filming their next big production.

I also pass through the grassy knoll near the Thornton School of Music, and usually I’ll hear someone playing the saxophone or practicing for their next big concert. (To the saxophone player if you are reading this: you rock and make my day!)

On my final stretch, I go down Trousdale Parkway to the Marshall/Leventhal area. Here, I often admire the spectacle of student organizations, events, plays, bands, singers, and tents that seem to be constantly occupying the area on the Parkway. Here’s a picture from the LA Festival of Books, one of the great events that USC hosts each year that happens on Trousdale and all over campus:

Finally, I make it to Marshall or the Accounting Building, my second home on campus. Usually by the point, I am catching my breath from my walk, but as I step into one of the buildings, I know that I made the right decision. USC is definitely my home.



Posted on April 15, 2015 by Russell


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