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My Last Spring Break…EVER!

Growing up, it’s almost expected that we have a week off of school somewhere in March or April.  As I am graduating, I may never have this week off again…so how did I spend this last Spring Break?  I went to Mexicooooooo!  Before you think that I went crazy in Cabo or I  chilled in Cancun, I went to a place called Ensenada with a group of friends and we built a church.


This is the picture of the church that we built.  We had a caravan of 34 people from USC drive down to Mexico and we spent a couple of days to construct this building.  It was hot and a lot of effort, but so much fun.  The family that we built the church for was a sweet, adorable couple that was our age.  With my high school Spanish knowledge I was able to communicate a little bit with them.  This is a beautiful picture of me:


On our last day we explored the town of Ensenada and we went to this really cool place on the coast.  It was a fun last day just relaxing with friends and enjoying the nice weather.


I’m glad I got to spend this last break with these people in Mexico.  It was really a fun week and I made a lot of awesome memories.


Posted on March 29, 2014 by Stephen


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