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My (Late) New Year’s Resolution

My (Late) New Year’s Resolution


Since it is my senior year, I decided to make these 3 things happen (hopefully):

1. Discover new eateries

L.A. is known for having so many restaurants and eateries. I am going to stop staying in my room and eating Subway everyday. Instead I will actually go out and enjoy all of what Los Angeles has to offer. Feed me, LA!

Grilled Cheese Truck

Father's Office Burger

2. Increase class participation

Initially, I wanted to say, “Get Straight A’s.” But come on… So I figured I’d choose something that is actually realistic and possible.

I consider myself to be an introvert, so it’s difficult for me to speak up in class. However, I am going to change that this semester! I am going to raise my hand in at least one of my classes once a week, which is a lot for me already. I’m an engaged listener, but now Im going to try to be an engaged participant!

Dinosaur Comic

3. Work out

For some of you, you probably already do this everyday. For me, working out… HA! what a joke… So I am going to work out 5 times a day. Lyon Center, here I come!…?

Lyon Center

Lyon Center



Posted on February 4, 2014 by Sarah


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