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No Football? No Problem!

While one of the big benefits of being a Trojan is watching football during the Fall semester, it doesn’t mean that we just sit idle during the Spring semester and wait for the return of fall. USC is one of the most athletic universities in the country in terms of the sports we do. As I have heard from multiple sources, USC has the most athletes out of any college in the US that participate in the Olympics, and from the 2012 London Olympics, we won 12 gold, 9 silver, and 4 bronze medals (pretty darn good for a University I’d say). Given that amount of medals, we’d be ranked 6th in the Olympic rankings, higher than Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and other pretty large countries.


But anyways, USC student gets free admission into all of the other sports (apart from Football), and a lot of times the Athletic Department will give out free USC swag too if you go, which makes it even more awesome. I’ve been to a few basketball games, and we even beat the Bruins in basketball last week! We actually do really well in other sports as well, we are one of the best teams in Tennis and Volleyball, as well as being the winner of 5 consecutive NCAA championships (which is a record, by the way).

water polo

But just because Football season is over it doesn’t mean you stop being a Trojan. There are so many other sports to watch it’s often quite problematic when you have to choose what to attend. But other than watching school sports, there are many things you can do. There is still the whole city of LA to explore, other school events, and even going snowboarding at Big Bear. And soon, it will be warm enough to go to the beach again, so that option will be open again.

What should worry you about USC is having too many things to do during the weekend, and having to allocate your time wisely, than to worry about not having anything to do.


Posted on February 6, 2013 by Bradley


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