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Now That Football is Finished, What is There for me to do on Weekends?

Now that football season is over and ‘SC students aren’t consumed by Trojan football every Saturday, what is there to do on the weekends in and around USC? There are still a ton of options for students of all interests to have fun and explore LA, both on and off campus.

Starting with on campus, during the first half of the season there are normally men’s and women’s basketball games going on at night at the Galen Center–USC’s basketball arena right across the street from campus! As a big sports fan, I love going over there to cheer on our student athletes and watch them take on some of the nation’s best teams, and even see them come away with a victory. What’s also great about basketball games (and baseball games too in the second half of the semester) is that they are FREE! for all USC students. All you need to get into USC sporting events is your USC ID card. USC basketball games are a great, free weekend activity for those sports fans who want to go cheer on a team other than football.

usc basketballusc womens basketball

Also, on campus there are always different shows, performances, or special event that happen pretty much every weekend. These are also great free (if not inexpensive) ways to explore more about what USC has to offer.

However, the real weekend fun takes place off campus. Whether it is the beach (because it’s pretty much always sunny and beautiful here), exploring LA eateries and other attractions, or taking the drive down to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland! Whether it’s Santa Monica, Manhattan, Redondo, or Venice Beach, the beach is always a great and very popular weekend destination. Flocks of ‘SC students will travel to the beach on nice weekends, with each beach having its own unique character and flare. From the classic beach and pier feel of Santa Monica, to the craziness and  youth feel that is Venice, at each place you’re guaranteed a great time. My personal favorite is Manhattan, because it’s one of the nicest beaches, there are a ton of volleyball courts, there’s a great surrounding town, and the houses surrounding the beach are simply stunning. I haven’t gone yet to the beach yet this semester–it’s been a little too cold for the beach (I know, we’re spoiled here right?)–but I can’t wait to go sometime in the coming weeks.

Venice Beach: one of the cooler and youth-oriented beaches in the LA area. It’s one of a kind and a definite must check-out during your ‘SC time

Being the foodie that I am, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends to explore LA is to go try different restaurants around LA. From downtown, to Hollywood, The Grove, Beverly Hills, to the beach areas, there are a ton of amazing restaurants to try. From LA classics, to homegrown organic restaurants, to amazing ethnic cuisine, there is something for all interests and tastes. A personal favorite of mine that I make sure I take my parents to when they come visit is the Red O restaurant on Melrose. An amazing Mexican restaurant, it is one of my favorite all-time restaurants. Now that I have a lot more free time on the weekends this semester, I can’t wait to go explore more restaurants in and around LA.

Red O’s short rib sopes, tiny corn cakes topped with shredded short ribs–my favorite thing to eat there

Finally, a big thing for a number of my friends to do on Friday’s and the weekends is to take the hour drive down to Anaheim and visit the American Classic (and Happiest Place on Earth): Disneyland. Some of my friends have a season pass, so literally they go almost every Friday. I couldn’t imagine going that often, but Disneyland is always a great option to channel your inner kids for a day and splurge on an experience. I would definitely recommend taking the trip down there one weekend to experience Disneyland, especially if you haven’t been there before.

An American icon, Disneyland is the perfect place for a weekend escape from LA to bring out the kid inside of all of us


Posted on January 26, 2013 by Zach


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