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Now that football is over….

So I’ve already told you that football games are some of my favorite events of the year, but don’t get me wrong – that doesn’t mean I don’t have just as much love for spring semester.  With weekends freed up for adventure, spring gives us all plenty of time to explore the LA area and beyond.  With the beach 20 minutes away and mountains a couple hours, I often find myself spending one weekend away basking in the sun and playing in the sand, then the next skiing or snowboarding.

That picture is from a day trip we took last spring to Manhattan Beach, and I’m looking forward to many more sunny fun-filled weekends this year.  My friends and I also have a tradition of going skiing every MLK Day weekend – last year we went to Tahoe, and it was an absolute blast.  Here’s one of our pictures from the weekend:

This year we’re headed to Big Bear, which is only a couple hours away.  There are 20 of us going and renting a house together – it’s sure to be a weekend to remember.  So as incredible as the fall is with football and other great activities, I can’t even say whether I like fall or spring better because of all of the other fun that is to be had in the spring time.  And I haven’t even mentioned Spring Break! This year I’m headed to Cabo with many of my friends, and many other people go other great places.  Even staying in LA or visiting home promises a great week.

Let me know if you have any questions about weekend trips or other things to do around LA, I would love to talk more!


Posted on January 15, 2013 by Carly


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