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One thing I have learned this semester about business/accounting that I didn’t know before…

I have learned two very important things about business/accounting that I didn’t know before:

  • The importance of developing an analytical mindset.
  • The value of effective time management.


Regarding developing an analytical mindset, whether in marketing, communications, finance, accounting, business law, etc., taking an analytical approach to an issue is key.  My three semesters at Marshall have truly helped me develop my analytical skill set.  By thinking critically and analyzing multiple angles to an issue, I have been able to stimulate discussing within groups and in class, as well as build upon a foundation that will help me for life.  My professors and the diverse community at Marshall have helped me grow in this area by providing various viewpoints and expanding my horizons.  Furthermore, this skill aids me in making connections between my classes and thus developing a greater understanding of my business and accounting courses.  It is easy to memorize, but really trying to comprehend and identify the associations between courses has helped me tremendously during my time at Marshall.


Time management is another very important aspect that I have learned to handle effectively.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Marshall and USC provide students with so many opportunities to get involved in the community.  In order to truly immerse yourself in the culture here and perform successfully in academics, it is necessary to efficiently manage your time.  Before I knew it, I was juggling classes, office hours, group meetings, clubs, sports, networking events, as well as making time for social activities.  When you first compile your schedule, you think you will have so much time on your hands, yet it is amazing how quickly that time fills up.  The key to managing my time has been creating a schedule, planning in advance, and setting deadlines for myself.  While this phrase “Time is money,” may not apply to me while I’m still in school, I’m certain that the time management skills I’ve developed at Marshall will be crucial to success in business.



Posted on December 7, 2013 by Alec


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