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Preparing for Finals!


They represent the end of a wonderful semester and a way to show off all that you have learned during the year. However, prepping for finals can also represent all of the group projects and little assignments you have been putting off the whole semester. So how do you best prep for finals and surpass all the last minute stressing?

For me, planning and creating to-do lists are a must! I like to write lists and post them on my apartment walls, because I am forced to look at them and who doesn’t want to cross off every item?! They are a great way to see exactly what you have to do. Sometimes, we stress because we overestimate what is on our plate, but if you write it out it’s easier to focus your time and energy. If you don’t like hand written lists, you can also try google calendars or set reminders on your phone. Also, having an organized planner is a great way to make sure you have all your due dates, final days, etc. squared away and in one place. That way you don’t get any last minute surprises.

When studying for finals, make sure to form study groups. They are a great way to bounce ideas and thoughts off of your peers, and studies show that you retain more information when you are able to explain a concept to someone else. Also, make sure to meet with your professors about any questions you may have in advance, as the week before finals can be a busy time and you might not get as much time as you need to talk about a certain topic. Though professors are very open to scheduling office hour appointments that fit your schedule!

Second to last, find a great study spot! Rather that is a nice study cafe with calming music or the library, find a place where you can get into the study zone. I prefer to do my general studying at home, but I like to go to the library when I am doing practice problems, etc. because it feels more like a testing environment. So find your favorite spot, and study on.

Lastly, when prepping for finals make sure to take care of you! Eat properly, take time to exercise or relieve your stress, hang out with a friend, get enough sleep, etc. Finals should be taken seriously, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you could end up doing worse on your test. So, simply take the time to study,  but listen to your body. You will do great, I know it!


Posted on April 19, 2017 by Milan Carter


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