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Proud to be a Trojan

This post is dedicated to explaining my pride and joy of being a member of the Trojan Family, and more particularly the Marshall Family.

This week it was revealed that entrepreneur and successful businessman Elon Musk will be delivering the Commencement Speech at the Marshall School of Business graduation this year! It is truly fascinating to have somebody who founded some of the fastest growing companies, Tesla and SpacEX, come in to impart useful knowledge to our graduating seniors.


Another reason for my happiness to be here is the fact that the USC Park Campus is extraordinary. It comes down to its architecture, history, and sunshine that makes me motivated to achieve more. Every time I walk to campus, I feel a sense of belonging and importance – attributed to the long-standing history of successful people that USC has spewed out over the years.

All in all, after having the decision to attend other top undergrad B-schools, I regret nothing in my decision to stay in Los Angeles and be exposed to the wonderful subculture that USC offers! Fight On!



Posted on March 29, 2014 by Cameron Nili


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